Tattoos: A Unique Way Of Expressing Yourself

Tattoos:  A mark or symbol crafted on your body part by your own wish. Tattoo is a mark that is very different from birthmark, a mark that is adopted by choice. It can be temporary or permanent. It can be small or big one. It can be anywhere on body.

Tattoo is not a new terminology. It is a very familiar word and a very popular word of young generation. From the field of cricket to the field of football, from the sets of the movies, to the real life character, everywhere, you can find a tattoo lover. Boys with good bodies use them to highlight their muscles, girls use them to highlight their curves, and couples show their love for each other with them. They tattoo down the name of their loved ones on their body.

So, in short, tattoos are found all most every where now. Today’s generation use it as a style statement. Tattoos make them look cool, feel cool. It’s one of the fashion trends of today’s market. With the demand, its market is also increasing. There are a variety of tattoo designs available now. You can Find the perfect tattoo according to your choice. Famous themes of tattoos are:


  • Common traditional themes
  • Common new school themes
  • Black and Grey tattoos
  • Asian Style tattoos
  • Script or Text tattoos
  • Biomechanical tattoos
  • Tribal tattoos

Common traditional themes:

These are also called as “Old School theme” tattoos. Solid colors and bold lines are their speciality. They are American or Western style tattoos under which, themes like Eagles, Hearts, Cherries, Roses, and Sparrows etc. are included.

New school themes:

Tattoos that are about unique and creative thinking. It supports free styling and innovative ideas. This particular theme is one of the popular themes among youth as it involves the use of new technologies and modern equipments. Themes like Graffiti, fantasy, Hip hop, Sea creatures, jagged Edges etc. fall in this category.

Black and Grey tattoos:

As the name suggests, tattoos in the category will be only made of two colours: Grey and Black. Different proportions of black and white ink are used to make different shades of grey. Many tattooists use water in place of white ink to reproduce shades of grey. Origin of this theme is supposed to be in prison, where limited colours were available. Common themes of Black and Grey tattoos are Knives, money, skulls, guns etc.

Asian style tattoos:

Tattoos that come in this category are snakes, tigers, women, cherry blossoms, dragons etc. There is a very large range of these theme types of tattoos which is quite fascinating for tattoo lovers.


Script or Text tattoos:

Imprinting your name on your body, or your favourite phrase, or your lover’s name etc. is very common these days. You can mask your favourite quote, your special word etc. anything on your body.

Bio mechanical tattoos:

Designed for muscular parts of your body, these tattoos deal with the making of ripped apart flesh etc.

Apart from these there are many more tattoo designs to go for. Choose your favourite zone and get it inked down on your body.

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