Things You Should Know About Commercial Mowers

Zero turn radius mowers also known as ZTRs became famous as a tool for commercial mowers. They are known for their speed, ease of control and being able to turn on a dime. These mowers help a lot in saving time and today time is everything. Those who move onto using zero turns report their mowing times were cut by half. For large lawn owners this can end up saving hours of their important time which they can use into doing some other activity.

Some zero turn mowers can go up to 13 mph. One of the most important advantages of ZTRs is that they can mow very easily in tight spaces and are very easy to control even in those conditions. The ZTRs are operated using two arm controls instead of a wheel. Those who haven’t used this system might think that it is difficult to drive that way, but once a person starts driving it will they realise that it is a very effective system for steering their mowers.


A large number of manufacturers provide zero turn commercial mowers. Some of them are Husqvarna, Exmark, Dixie-Chopper, Craftsman, Scag  and Kubota. Zero turn mowers come with a hydraulic speed control in their wheels which allows them for zero radius turns. There are very few mowers who can compete with zero turns when it comes to cutting hard to access areas like shrubs and trees. ZTRs are known for their agility and they are durable and can survive rough usage. These are used at many golf courses too. The professionals love it and you are going to love it too. One of the advantages of ZTRs is it’s low fuel consumption. It is good for the environment and for your pocket.

We are going to show you some options for the best zero turn commercial mower. These have been selected from a huge list and after taking various factors into account.


  • Max Z-Trak Mowers 777

These zero turn commercial mowers are manufactured by a company called John Deere. It is a one hundred and sixty year old company. It is a high quality mower by this company. It has a horsepower of 27 and a kawasaki engine. It can reach a high speed of 11 miles per hour(mph). It also has a hydrostatic system.

  • Z-Beast FX850V

This mower has a kawasaki engine and a horsepower of thirty one. It can go up to twelve miles per hour. It is 62 inches in size. This mower is the perfect suit for hard jobs.


  • Husqvarna Rz4622

This commercial mower has a Briggs and Stratton engine. It comes with twenty two horsepower. If you want a mower for small or medium jobs then this is the mower you should be looking at.

  • Honda HRC216HXA

As the name suggests this mower is powered by a Honda OHV engine. This mower is fuel efficient, reliable and doesn’t makes too much noise. It has a twenty one inch deck and a Hydrostatic transmission.

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