Tips For A Beginner Tig Welder

When you are a beginner in tig welding, some few things will be difficult for a start. However, as you continue on your journey, things become easier and easier. Conversely, you can easily go from zero to hero with a few tricks here and there. Equally, you will need to be highly attentive and patient. Nevertheless, not to worry, in a matter of time, you will be a pro welder.

  1. Gloves


For starters, your hands will be the ones working. Even if you have the best tig welder in the world, it is not enough if you can’t hold it together. Normally, the problematic hand is the one that needs to feed the filler rod. Occasionally, people advise on wearing thick gloves. In this case, it is advisable to wear thin gloves. There are a couple of thin and soft tig gloves available in the market. What’s more, if your hands starts heating up, you can easily remove them.

  1. Tig Welding Rod

In order to get smooth welding results, use welding rods that have the same thickness as the metal you are welding. This ensures that the amperage stays at a minimum and the weld puddle remains small for prevention of a hole blowing. A simple rule to put in mind is for a thin metal, use a relatively thin rod and for a thick metal, use a thicker rod.

  1. Reasons for balls forming on the end of the rod

At times, you may notice a ball forming at the end of the rod you are using. When this happens, chances are that:


  • The arc is too long
  • The torch angle is too much
  • The amperage is not enough for the size of the rod
  • All the above three combined


Tig welding is more of a skilled kind of job. With a combination of the right skills and the best tig welders in the world, you can do impeccable things.

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