Top Light up Shoes in the Market

Light up shoes which are currently in the market have come a long way from a long time blinking shoes that were a must have for every kid in the eighties. They only used to light up when the pressure was mounted on them and it used to light the shoe sole. tenis con led are creating a craze and everyone, young and old, are trying to catch up just to have a pair for themselves. That blinking LED light idea has remained alive with parents buying for their kids, especially those who were learning to walk. In 2013 a shoe brand “simulation” came into the market, which featured LED lights in the soles. That was the beginning of the craze to light up shoes. The new LED shoes are different from the old ones in the lighting context whereby, it has a hidden switch which one can turn on or off at will; the LED lights stay on, light up in different patterns, and change color.


Here are some of the best LED light in the market

Joansam 7 Color LED Luminous Unisex Sneakers – JSSB07-39

It is a perfect shoe which is good for that rave party, for the club or for a night out in town. Get it and you will have gotten the best footwear for whatever occasion you are up to. It has a hex shaped grommets, plush logoed collar, and speed lacing shaft. It light on red, yellow, green, sky blue, blue, purple, white, and 9 for light off.  This is an amazing light up LED sneakers which you can charge using a USB and it will light up in the aforementioned colors. The hidden switch beneath the charging port is what you will use to switch it on and off. It costs between $119.99 and $80.00.


LeoVera Men’s & Women’s LED Shoes

It is another best LED shoes which can be used for various occasions including clubbing, raving, or just a walk in the park. It is a rechargeable shoe which produces 7 colors which are good for both men and women. The colors change steadily from red, blue, yellow, green, sky blue, white, and then to purple. The beauty  of it is that it slowly fades from one color to the next . it costs between $129.99 and $98.00.

Get the shoes with LED light in Mexico with an affordable price.

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