Turntables: For the Music Lovers

A turntable is one the love of music lovers around the world. There are people around the world who still prefer turntables even after the invention of electrical music appliances with multi-functional operations and a number of options. Not just because of the nostalgia, the audio quality and the essence of music that turntables provide cannot be produced by any of these expensive modern equipment. Let us learn in some detail, the components and the functioning of turntables. 2220394d690637e7e3213849a83f0394

Components of a Turntable:

  • The Platter: The platter is the platform on which the record is placed and the needle touches the vinyl to produce that mind soothing music. This part of the turntable moves when it is switched on. Moreover, in most of the turntables, the platter can be detached to access the motor underneath it. A slip mat also sits over the platter. A felt slip mat is usually used by DJ’s because it easily allows them to stop the record even while the platter it still rotating and thereafter gain full speed in an instant to create sound effects.
  • Tone Arm: The tone arm is meant to hold the stylus (needle) and the cartridge.
  • Motor: Depending on the motor, there are two kinds of turntables available, the belt driven and the direct driven. The belt driven motor has one disadvantage that the belt can stretch over time and eventually wear out or even lead to breaking. In direct drive turntables, the motor is in direct contact with the platter, henceforth, there is no chance of such mishaps.

However, if you too are a classic music lover and are planning to buy a turntable in recent future, let us take you through a short guide that might help you through the journey of selecting a befitting and a great turntable which will allow you to have the time of your own, sit back and get introduced to a wholly new experience of music with turntables.

Short Guide to Buy a Turntable:kgrhqfhjc0ffki1ikwfbry0nle-q_35

  • Fixing your budget must be the foremost thing you must do because the variation in the prices of turntables will leave you dazzled. Also, remember that money always does not mean quality. You may get a wholly reliable turntable even at a cost effective price if looked for properly.
  • If you are a true audio lover, you must go with a belt driven turntable because the belt absorbs any kind of shocks and does not allows the noise to tremble, whereas, DJ’s prefer a direct driven turntable.
  • You will also have the option between a manually operated tone arm and an automatic one. In the manual version, you will have to pick up the tone arm and place it on the spinning record by yourself. The automatic one will do the same for you by itself.
  • Make sure that the cartridge is in proper condition. It is a small part that holds the stylus If you are buying an old turntable, it is advisable to replace the cartridge as it can alter the music quality to a great extent.
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