How To Use Whatsapp Plus Without Getting Banned?

WhatsApp as of today remains to be the best used and widely popular instant messaging app that is used by everyone globally. Recently owned by Mark Zuckerberg, it works simultaneously with WhatsApp and has got few improved features in its package. The service is popular because of the simple interface, user-friendly navigation where it won’t ask you to signup with any emails or where you don’t have to search people and add/follow in order to connect to them. It is also best known because of the privacy and limited conversation services where one can only converse with other when they have the contact number of other person in their address book. It is no rocket science that can’t be realized.

However, it’s the market and the trading app which make an app, an exclusive one! The number of features it offers and the number of unique functions it has is how it gets popular among the crowd. Because of the simplicity, it offers the WhatsApp compromises on the features it offers. Though the users want more from the app, the developers are not giving them what people need for a while.


For example, sending larger files are not possible with WhatsApp and the recent “Hide Status” option has been launched after a long term. But, one can’t find anything which is extraordinary or tempting like the WeChat, Viber To compensate the lack of the wow factors, a modded version of WhatsApp has been launched in 2012 under the name, “WhatsApp Plus”. To use WhatsApp Plus one has to uninstall the original version and then install this to get hold of the additional features it offers.

WhatsApp Plus download is easy as the app is available on the Play store. Despite the popularity of the app, the original version of WhatsApp is not going well recently as many people have started uninstalling the real version and started installing WhatsApp Plus lately. That’s why the owners of WhatsApp have decided to put a total 24-hour ban on the WhatsApp as soon as it is installed.  To bypass the inconvenience, the developers now developed another APK file. Yes, it is still not legal to use WhatsApp+ as the owners of WhatsApp has not confirmed the link between these both and it is not advised to use any non-legit apps and endorsing them is equally a crime.


Therefore, it is advised to follow discretion from the user’s end in case if they’re looking forward to downloading them app and use WhatsApp Plus without getting banned. The first step involves launching your WhatsApp and then backing the chats that are already existing. After that, uninstall the app through app manager and download the 6.76 version of WhatsApp+. You can either find it on Playstore or any third party sources that you can surf through the internet. Enter your phone number and get access. Restore the conversations that are backed up. Make sure that you make a clean download and don’t give into any rogue apps while searching for the APK file of the latest version.

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