Visualizing Venice

For a travel freak, who seeks to wander through some place known for Its cultural, art and history, Venice can be the one. Venice, a floating city in the north eastern part of Italy is a beautiful cluster of small islands which are united by bridges and canals.

Venice is also listed as World Heritage Site due to its abundance of richness in Renaissance history, art, cultural, architecture and stories about Napoleon Rise on the thrones, attracting historians and archaeologists too.

 So if you are planning to book the tickets, here is simplified guide on ‘Things to do in Venice’.

  • Canal touring

Venice is just not Venice. It is called City of Water, City of canals and The floating city and many more names. The roads are not built by concretes but Beautiful canals. The major traffic follows these watery road. The main transport is called gondola. The most famous canal is Grand Canal. This canal leads to Santa Chiara and other attractive sites. This Canal is fenced  on either sides by famous palaces, public gothics and churches, which are the main attraction of the city.


  • Spiritual and religious sites

There are more than 200 churches and 8 basilicas in the City of water. St Anthony Basilica is the best attraction in Padua for the followers.

Torino is one of the holy destinations and famous for the exposition of holy shroud and delicious chocolates.

Assisi is a town where the great saints like St. Francisco, St. Chiara and St. Santa were born. This place is highlighted in the list of World’s Religious Heritage.

Other religious spots are Pompei, Roma, Firenze, Etc.

  • Festivals and Festive Seasons

The oldest festival of Venice attractions that attracts thousands of tourists is the festival of Carnival.  This festival is celebrated in February when people bid farewell to winters and welcome the spring air. This celebration lasts for 14 days. There are amazing parades and parties during which people wear specific costumes and decorated masks.

Other than Carnival, there Are other festivals Like Festa di San Macro, Regata Storica and many more.

  • Food counters

Venice serves the best wines in the world. Grappa is the strongest alcohol derived from Istilled grapes, pulp seeds and stem remnants.

Amazing varieties of pizzas and pastas are available nowhere in the world except Venice.


Delicious gelato, Boutique del gelato, spaghetti al pomodero, begoli in salasa, moleche, baicoli fritole and many more dishes are divine in taste.

  • Art and cultural attractions

There are many remarkable museums and palaces in Venice which call the historians and Tourists leaving them open jawed.

Among them, the famous sites are the following- Ca’d’Oro on grand canal, arts and antiquities Collections of museo correr, Renaissance remains in Ca’ Pesaro and obviously not the last, architecture of Geardeni Della Biennale.

So why wait? Grab yours suitcases to live your awaiting moments and memories.

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