The Wizard Of Sous Vide Cooking- Sous Vide Wizard

In the ever evolving world of cooking, sous vide cooking is coming to light as one of the most effective way of cooking without having to give up on taste. Sous vide cooking is basically cooking food, meat or vegetables, in water or steam but unlike poaching, the meat or vegetable is wrapped in an air tight plastic bag so as to prevent it from coming in contact with the water or steam.


It is mostly used my top chefs so as to cook the meat or vegetables evenly without losing the moisture content, thus preserving the taste. It is also one of the least stressful ways of cooking since it does not require continuous attention like baking or grilling.

Though not a very famous mode of cooking, this is on the top of the list when trying to keep both the texture and freshness of the meat or vegetable being cooked. For the same reason, a lot of cooks, both pros and amateurs are embracing this form of cooking. On the other hand, this is not an easy skill to master. It requires proper technique since the temperature and time of cooking varies for different types of food and impacts the taste a lot.

If wrong, it would result in inedible under cooked or overcooked food…and no one wants that! Thanks to Sous Vide Wizard, a brand new online resource center, this is made simpler than ever. Sous Vide Wizard is working on making Sous Vide cooking mainstream by promoting it. Sous Vide recipes and different ways of Sous Vide cooking will be available for everyone, the beginner and pro chef alike.


They intend to make it a part of easy cooking in every household by providing information about everything that’s needed to know. Therefore, put your aprons on! Let’s start with Sous Vide basics and master it!

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